“1 day after my CV was done, I received a call from an agency!”

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I had just finished my third year of university and did not have a clear idea of what type of job I wanted. I just knew that I wanted something in the sector of Nutrition and Alternative Medicine, but did not know more about the sector and I thought I did not have the skills required. On top of that, I disliked everything about doing CV and job search.

I met Ida through my sister as she talked to me about two clients she worked with and how successful she was with them. Additionally, my sister gave me great feedback about her work. I also like the fact that Ida had been in the sector of recruitment for about 10 years before launching her own business and that she is someone that is committed, reliable and 100% available at all time.

I did the Online CV Coaching in October 2017. This CV makeover covers how to make your CV personable, concise and targeting a specific sector. As I was doing a career change, we looked at the skills and experiences that I had acquired with my previous jobs and my years of studies to match them to my desire sector of activity. The day after my CV was done I received a call from a recruitment agency!

By the end of doing the Online CV Coaching, I knew how to do a good CV, what and how to include in it, what recruiters are looking for. I am currently looking for another part-time job and I had no problem updating my CV on my own incorporating everything I learned with her.

Merci de partager