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New year, new me! We say it all the time. Nonetheless, most of us forget about our New Year resolutions as soon as “life” takes over, forcing us to redirect our dreams and aspirations to the “dreams for later” stockroom. I still believe in the beauty of setting goals and thriving to achieve them but success requires clarity, determination and consistency. Funny enough, I am very certain that I have chosen the career I am built for, but this discovery did not appear to me overnight. For days, months and years I have been listening to my inner voice crying for change and finally gave her a chance to lead me in the right direction. I took baby steps, every day, each month. I held myself accountable for my actions and missteps.

Here are 3 things I take away from my journey so far.

  1. Having an honest conversation with your « self »

Growth will come through challenge and chaos. It never comes from comfort and content. If you are feeling bored or unfulfilled, it probably means that you are no longer happy in your career and that you have outgrown your position. Setting yourself new goals will attract change to your career. Plant, today, the seeds of your success and focus your energy on building the new. If you want to add new achievements to your career record or get an idea of the next step for a career change, clear your desk, clear your mind and think about what’s missing. What would make you feel REALLY proud and accomplished?  What have you done in the past, that gave you joy and satisfaction and that you cannot find in your current job? What are you really good that keeps being disregarded by the people around you or that you keep hiding? What is your inner voice longing for? Imagine yourself in 5 years from now, you are scrolling through the best memories and biggest successes of your career, feel the feeling of pride and fulfilment. Write down what is revealed to you and identify 1 or 2 main skills/goals (always start with small digestible chunks) that you will develop and strive to achieve in 2019. Remember, change will not happen overnight. You will need to change your behaviour and make your old energy patterns disappear.  You will need to be willing to train yourself, learn from others, aspire to be better and different, dedicate extra hours to prepare yourself for a career transformation.

  1. Taking action

Where do you go from there?  Create your action plan! From Monday to Sunday, commit to doing something that will get you closer to your goal. It can be as little as doing some research on the employment market, reading a book, starting an online course, volunteer to lead a big project at work, putting your name down for a presentation, working as a volunteer in a local NGO or working with a career coach or a mentor… Don’t forget to add a time to reflect on your journey at least once a month! Start each day with the unapologetic intention to move closer to your goals and dreams. Your morning routine will set the tone for your entire day so read your goals and action plan every morning. Creating new behaviour will eventually help you systemize your journey towards change.  You can print a calendar or download a to-do list application to keep track of your goals, actions and get reminders. Let’s be honest, you will not succeed every day, but you will gradually train your mind to stay focused and you will eventually start doing things differently; You will create new habits. So step 2, create your first 30-day action plan and next time you are asked to do something that could potentially help you grow and get you closer to your goals, FEEL THE FEAR AND SAY YES ANYWAY.

  1. Owning your accomplishments

Tick the boxes!! Each time you feel that you have achieved something, that you did not let yourself down and you showed up… take note and add it to your career album, to your success book and eventually, add it to your Curriculum Vitae, your cover letter, use it during an interview or as a booster to start your own business. The whole point here is to trust your internal compass and redesign your career trajectory. Own your accomplishments and shout them loud and clear! We all have already achieved amazing things but we tend to forget or disregard our victories. I advise you to share your accomplishments with someone you trust. Do not keep it to yourself because the cynical “you” will probably degrade or dismiss your triumphs. Share it with someone who cares about you and who will celebrate your accomplishments for you. Also, be kind to yourself. Go with the flow; forgive your mistakes and the hiccups in your journey. Your plan will change from month to month as your vision will evolve and be clearer. So no pressure and just celebrate the process. Results will always come!

Do these 3 simple steps: Start your day with a clear vision, take actions towards your goals and monitor your achievements. You will notice a tremendous change and more clarity in the direction towards a fulfilling career.

And don’t forget!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible”

Tony Robbins

I would love to hear from you! What strategy do you use for setting or achieving goals?

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