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With the New Year will come new resolutions. And money often appears at the top of the list. Whether it is to clear your debts, get extra cash to buy your dream holiday, invest money in a new business venture or find a flexible work that will enable you to take care of your family, working from home may be the perfect solution. It is more and more common to find jobs that give you the opportunity to work remotely and some are pretty well paid too. And guess what? All you need is a computer, a telephone and a generous amount of self-drive!

Here is a list that I have compiled for you:

  1. Home-based Sales or Marketing

This is the most common job that you will find online. Home-based sales positions are generally offered by start-up companies or new entrepreneurs looking to increase their sales performance without bearing the cost of an entire sales team. This position is suitable for professionals with a background in general/field sales, telesales, retail and marketing. No experience is required as ongoing training and support are most of the time provided. This is a commission-based job and potential earnings can range from £100 – £2000+ per month. So if you are good at building relationships, work without supervision, self-motivated and goal-oriented, this will be a great income opportunity for you.

  1. Virtual Customer-Service Agent (Inbound or outbound)

If you possess solid telephone manners and first-class customer service skills. You have good quality broadband and a phone line you can dedicate whilst servicing, then this job would be perfect for you! To qualify for this type of role you will have to set up your own Ltd Company and work as self-employed. Customer Service agent’s responsibilities can range from handling bill enquiries, handling customer’s emails, managing orders, dealing with unhappy clients, drive customer retention or get feedback from them.  Pay usually starts from £9.50/hour. This is a good way of making extra steady money as this is not a commission-based job.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistant

This is a great opportunity for anyone with excellent verbal and writing skills. A good organiser with solid IT skills (Microsoft Office) and a natural ability to multi-task. As a Virtual Assistant, you will be required to establish briefs for Managers, manage their diary, managing data and manage their client’s portfolio or their agenda…Anything that would bring value to a company. One advantage working as a Virtual Personal Assistant is that you can work during the day or overnight, which is perfect for my mums out there, who can only find some time off at night when daddy is back home and the little one is sleeping.

  1. Selling products online

Another option is to sell a range of products online on Amazon, Etsy or through Social Media platforms (eBay, Facebook…). If you are very creative and people around you have told you for years that you should start your business selling your scarves, prints, clothes or anything else; you have been thinking about decluttering your wardrobe for as long as you can remember and half of your clothes have never been worn and definitely need a new owner; or you love shopping in vintage shops and you are a master at finding old gems, then you should consider selling them online! It also works with any service you know people would pay for. These platforms will be a perfect way of promoting your products/services to a wider public worldwide! On certain platforms, you will generally have to pay a value fee for your sold items (approximately 10% of the final sale price) and pay for insertion fees. However, unless you open a Facebook Marketplace, selling on Facebook can be completely free.

  1. Translator / Interpreter/Proof-reader

If you are fluent in 2 or 3 languages, you are really good with words and love writing, then you should consider working as a Translator, an Interpreter or Proof-reader. Your main role will require translating, editing or proofreading documents and juggle multiple projects at the same time. A degree in translation could be required for this type of role, with prior experience as a translator as well as a fluent/native command of at least 2 languages. Average pay for translators is around 30K per year.

  1. Transcriber (Audio/Video)

Another interesting job if your language skills are your biggest asset. If you have access to a computer with a sound card and speakers, you can access a secure high-speed internet connection or if you can work from your smartphone, then applying for a position as a transcriber is another fantastic alternative. The role of a transcriber is to transcribe audio files into a specific language. Some of the requirements include having solid typing skills, excellent listening and concentration skills and the ability to work with deadlines.

  1. Graphic / Web Designer Freelance

If you have a Degree in Graphic Design or related qualification, you are a master in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and you are extremely creative then, of course, you should offer your services to any company as a Graphic Designer to help build their digital presence (website, logos, brochures, flyers …). If you have solid programming skills (JavaScript, HTML, SQL, PHP) then building an appealing website for a company should be your forte and a lot of companies out there need your expertise. If you are interested in selling your services as a Freelance, there are some pretty good platforms out there for you! Why not try PeoplePerHour, UpWork, Bidvine, Gumtree, Fiverr, Reed, Indeed, Freelancer…

  1. Online Content Writer

If you enjoy writing and you are very creative with your words, you could work as an Online Content Writer. Online content and digital communication have grown immensely over the last 5 years. Every company want to share information online and give valuable content to their customers. As a Content Writer, you could be writing on blogs, social media posts, CVs, articles, scripts and any online content. Online content Writer salaries vary between £17K to £32K.

  1. Online Tutoring / Online courses

Any background could be of use if you are looking to share your expertise with an audience eager to learn (math, languages, music, business…) and online tutoring or creating online courses are fantastic solutions if you have a niche, a good methodology and if you love teaching and working with people. A few options are available if you are looking for that type of work. To access job opportunities in online tutoring or promote your services online, you can check Udemy or VipKid.

  1. Software Developer / Tester

If you can code and you have good programming skills such as SQL, Python, Java, .NET or C++ and you are interested in IT jobs, you could make a lot of money in software development! (up to £70K a year). A lot of companies are now looking for remote professionals to help their growing team of testers and developers, so this is ideal if you are looking for flexible work. When a degree in Computer Science might be mandatory in some cases, there are so many ways to learn these skills through courses so don’t be intimidated and train yourself!

This is only the beginning for a long list of opportunities available for you, so keep looking! And if you think of any other remote job, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.
And next time you hear someone telling you that they need to make extra cash, share these tips, this could come in handy and helpful!

My quote today?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius


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